Saturday, 28 May 2011

Today I swear I'm not doing anythaaang

001 Well today has involved work.. work and more work, again. But I'm not actually moaning at all because I get the night off to chill out, I don't think I've chilled out all flaming week so I'm just soaking up every bit of relaxation I can cram into one night before sleep defeats me. I'm very determined to tidy my room this evening even though I'm literally flopped out on my bed and it really doesn't feel like I'm going to move.. I will do it, then after I can continue being glued to my bed.. muahaha.

002 Kind of wish I had a massive lie in ahead of me tomorrow morn but I'm not waking up for work.. woohoo! I am waking up for a good purpose.. which starts with an S and ends with a hopping. Even though I shouldn't be spending any more money as I have less than half of my wages left in my bank to last me another month. I probably won't find anything I like anyway so what the muff, let's go!

003 However this evenin is gonna consist of... a bath, jim jams, endless cups of tea in my fave mug (which I'm not afraid to say I did borrow from Krispy Kreme..Well I've 'borrowed' 4 now. Shame on me) and watching Sex and the city! Chillaxin to the max.

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