Friday, 29 July 2011


Uh-oh, so I went through a complete and utter failure phase where I had no motivation to do...Anything?! We all get that right? Or maybe I'm just lazy. Any way, a lot has been going on.. There has been a lot of change in my life! But I've learnt so many important lessons these past couple of months. Certain people have really shown some true colours but I guess I would so much rather have a few of good friends than a lot of fake friends and I have some of the best people I could ever wish for around me now!!

I've dyed my hair a browny - dark blonde, I shall be having more ombre to it soon! I am loving it!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I've got a city love

Having such a lush week so far! I've been so busy this month so far but it's really good, it's showed to cause I've actually lost weight for my holiday! Arrrrh I'm so excited! I didn't honestly think that i'd be able to in such little time but it's amazing what dedication and hard work can do for you.
2 weeks and a bit till I jet off and I have no idea what to take.. I've got a spray tan and a facial in 2 weeks to which I am very much excited for.
I hope everyone's having a fab start to the summer to! Get your tan's on people!

Friday, 17 June 2011

I wouldn't mind walkin' backwards with you

Well well well! I have been seriously deprived from internet for how long now? It's so silly, I am never ever going to recommend talk-talk to anyone! But anyway, I won't go on a massive rant about how unhelpful they are. Instead, I'll just say that the only reason I'm blogging right now is because I'm at my brothers house just borrowing some of his tinternet!
I've been getting loads of bits for holiday now, only a month away. I'm so so excited to get away from England and be soaking up the sun with my girlies! Also this week, I got offered a place in A-levels. Woohoo! I'm actually quite excited to get started in September, hopefully I won't fail miserably or give up. I'm sure I won't. I've been jogging/running quite a bit recently as well so today I've been and purchased some awfully lavly running nike's. Their so lush, I've tested them for a brief jog and they are so comfy.  So I'm pretty chuffed with those.


This week my mum's had a huge clear out in her wardrobe (a whole room that's dedicated to her clothes) I didn't realize how much she had! But on a plus, I got given loads of fab stuff, some designer items which I'm chuffed about as I obviously couldn't afford to buy them new. It's absolutely crazy  how much the clothes come back into the latest fash though.. In the pics, Is all my mums stuff she's passed down bar the shorts. Their mine!

                                                   Hat - Primark
                                                                    Top - Dorothy Perkins
                                                                    Jumper - Fendi
                                                                    Shorts - Primark
                                                   top - Dorothy Perkins
                                                                    shorts - Primark

                                                   Top - Monsoon
                                                                    Shorts - Primark

So, I'm just counting down the days until holiday and also T4, which is 2 days before I jet off. July is going to be a good'n! Hopefully will get my internet back on soon though, I shouldn't be gone long!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

It's only been a week, but I know that you are mine to keep

I haven't got much time to write anything but I've got enough to do an outfit post! So huer it is. I think it's just a typical summer outfit really. I love flowy white dresses at the moment, I think their so cute and sweet but you can rock it up if needed. I think a denim waistcoat goes perfectly with it also. Especially for the festival trend! 

Monday, 30 May 2011

If you see me in your favorite spot

001 So today I have rolled out of bed, munched some Special K, went to the shops with my mother and had my cards read. I've always wanted my cards read, I've always partially believed that it can be accurate but another part of me can't help to think.. How can they know? Also every person I've spoken to that's had them read have always said how shocked they were after the reading and how spot on they were which pushed the curiosity in me to see what would pop up and I can honestly say I was fully shocked! I can't believe how some cards can pick out exactly what's on your mind and what's going on in your life as well as pointing you in the right direction. You're not supposed to share with anyone what the cards have said so I'm not going to but they've left me asking questions in addition to going along with certain things. So yeah, everyone should definitely get their cards read if you ever get the opportunity! 


002 This week is gonna be a good'n to! Well.. Two days are, hehe. I have Thursday and Friday off. Thursday for wedding prep and Friday is my Cousins wedding! Thursday is hair doing day (one of my *fave* days) I just think getting your hair done can never get boring.. Maybe I'm just weird? Or like being a girl and being pampered. Probably the section option. ANYWAY I have my whole outfit sorted aside shoes.. So tomorrow  before work I'm going to get up and be in town for 9 to look for some shoes otherwise the outfit may look a bit odd bare foot.

                                                       Dress New look
                                                                 Jewelery River Island

003 I'll post some photo's of the day no doubt. I haven't put the dress on in the pics because I don't want to until the day, so I'll pop some up the day after. I have no idea how I'm going to wear my hair at all! I bought a floppy hat but I just don't know if I want to wear a hat the entire day, so I'll decide on the day.
I shall probably end up with it just down and curly/wavy.. Or maybe a bun? I have almost perfected my buns. Wow that sounds really perverted doesn't it? I honestly mean this kind of bun, don't panic!


004 At the mo, I seem to be so obsessed with denim and bright colours. All the new clothes I've bought have been either one of the two, maybe even the two combined. I'm loving the collar trend tops too which I've also been bagging quite a few of. I think the collared tops are perfect, especially for me because I hate low cut tops.. Don't ask me why, I just can't stand them for some bizarre reason. Even though I'm loving the bright colours ready for summer and the sunshine vibes, I don't think wearing bright green/blue, yellow and red together like this 
...really does it for me. In the high street recently, mostly all the manikins have been dressed in hideously put together 'block colours'. This might just be my opinion on this new trend but I really can't see everyone walking around styled like the rainbow. Who knows, maybe they will but I really am not loving it one bit, aside the bright pieces on their own with something more plain and blunt e.g black or grey.


My fave collar/block colour/denim tops (and the lovely pink hotpants) that I've bought recently or brought from the back of my wardrobe to the front again. I should probably find some other style of top to wear because this is all I'm wearing recently. Looking at how many new clothes I'm buying, I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything in one suitcase for Palma in July, I'm going to have to be so strict. Uh oh..

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Accidentally spending more money than you should..

001 So today, I didn't end up going to Cabot.. Which made me think "oh I've saved money with not having to spend to get there, then lunch then getting back etc" SO I thought what the muff.. I'm gonna treat myself to some internet shopping. But then I realized how easy it is just putting your card number in and shopping away. I really need to SAVE for Palma, so this is bad, then again it isn't because my lavly parents are lending me money so it's kind of allowed.. Cannot wait for everything to come to my doorstep wahoo, how I love love love being a girl. MWAAAAAHHHH xxx

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Today I swear I'm not doing anythaaang

001 Well today has involved work.. work and more work, again. But I'm not actually moaning at all because I get the night off to chill out, I don't think I've chilled out all flaming week so I'm just soaking up every bit of relaxation I can cram into one night before sleep defeats me. I'm very determined to tidy my room this evening even though I'm literally flopped out on my bed and it really doesn't feel like I'm going to move.. I will do it, then after I can continue being glued to my bed.. muahaha.

002 Kind of wish I had a massive lie in ahead of me tomorrow morn but I'm not waking up for work.. woohoo! I am waking up for a good purpose.. which starts with an S and ends with a hopping. Even though I shouldn't be spending any more money as I have less than half of my wages left in my bank to last me another month. I probably won't find anything I like anyway so what the muff, let's go!

003 However this evenin is gonna consist of... a bath, jim jams, endless cups of tea in my fave mug (which I'm not afraid to say I did borrow from Krispy Kreme..Well I've 'borrowed' 4 now. Shame on me) and watching Sex and the city! Chillaxin to the max.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

New buys, tries and other things

001 So I have shopped my heart out since I've been paid this month AND It was my Birthday on the 18th so I don't think I've been used to having all this money and vouchers etc for so long. But it's been so good to be able to buy what I want.. Being able to buy my own stuff again! I've been to Bristol and Cardiff this month for shopping and I can safely say Cardiff is such a *fantistique* place to buy your bargains and amazing clothes, It has every shop you can think of! Also it's closer than London for me to, hehe. I still haven't finished my shopping for this month either, I'm off to Bristol again on Sunday to fit some more in. All I can say is I'm so glad I don't and can't have a Credit Card.... I think I'd be in debt pretty deep under.

002 I bought a painting today to.. I know.. A painting?! Why am I buying paintings at my age? I have no idea,.. It just seemed like it would fit right in my room and it reminds me of one of my projects I did for digital art so I like it ☺

003 I have now clearly got a liking for brogues to.. Not just because they look awesome lined up in different colours either. Loving the hot pants I've bought to, so bright and summery! Definitely feeling the vibes of the all girls and only girls holiday in July. woohoo!

004 And now I am coming to an end of what I've bought this month.. But I am fully in love with my new purse I've purchased.. I'm not really one to splurge on a purse, I just go for the cheapy 'does the job' one's in New Look or even Primark.. But I fell in love with this lush money/card (and other weird things you put in there) holder..

and that's all for now laaaavlys

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Pigged out

001 Loved tonight with some of my girlies to. Ended up staying in and ordering food.. Not just one take out though, Indian AND Pizza Hut. Hold the pizza though, we only got cookie dough from there.

Keep on dancing till the world ends

001 Well that was such a build up for nothing wasn't it?! "The 21st of May 2011 was meant to be the sweet taste of Rapture".. Oh, no. What's this? We're all still very much alive, thought so! Although I'm saying this, I was kind of scared in the back of my mind.. At the very very back though. I wasn't going to throw myself off a cliff before Jesus got the better of me (no offence Jman). Thank christ (Literally) tehehehe, that it didn't end and that I can still attend Bristol and Cardiff this week after being payed. woohoo! There are lots of clothes with my name on them.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Birthday Antics

First Blog!

So I decided to start and write a blog, some people have started doing this and I've found it pretty interesting so far. Due to seeing others and enjoying reading what people are getting up to etc.. I've felt the need to join in! Which really means (I hate feeling as though I'm missing out). Also I think I need some sort of input to writing again, I'm starting to forget what it's like to write and I miss it. Mega nerd at heart. Anyway, I hope this goes well and I don't give up and more importantly, people like hearing what goes on day to day, hehe.