Thursday, 26 May 2011

New buys, tries and other things

001 So I have shopped my heart out since I've been paid this month AND It was my Birthday on the 18th so I don't think I've been used to having all this money and vouchers etc for so long. But it's been so good to be able to buy what I want.. Being able to buy my own stuff again! I've been to Bristol and Cardiff this month for shopping and I can safely say Cardiff is such a *fantistique* place to buy your bargains and amazing clothes, It has every shop you can think of! Also it's closer than London for me to, hehe. I still haven't finished my shopping for this month either, I'm off to Bristol again on Sunday to fit some more in. All I can say is I'm so glad I don't and can't have a Credit Card.... I think I'd be in debt pretty deep under.

002 I bought a painting today to.. I know.. A painting?! Why am I buying paintings at my age? I have no idea,.. It just seemed like it would fit right in my room and it reminds me of one of my projects I did for digital art so I like it ☺

003 I have now clearly got a liking for brogues to.. Not just because they look awesome lined up in different colours either. Loving the hot pants I've bought to, so bright and summery! Definitely feeling the vibes of the all girls and only girls holiday in July. woohoo!

004 And now I am coming to an end of what I've bought this month.. But I am fully in love with my new purse I've purchased.. I'm not really one to splurge on a purse, I just go for the cheapy 'does the job' one's in New Look or even Primark.. But I fell in love with this lush money/card (and other weird things you put in there) holder..

and that's all for now laaaavlys

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