Monday, 30 May 2011

If you see me in your favorite spot

001 So today I have rolled out of bed, munched some Special K, went to the shops with my mother and had my cards read. I've always wanted my cards read, I've always partially believed that it can be accurate but another part of me can't help to think.. How can they know? Also every person I've spoken to that's had them read have always said how shocked they were after the reading and how spot on they were which pushed the curiosity in me to see what would pop up and I can honestly say I was fully shocked! I can't believe how some cards can pick out exactly what's on your mind and what's going on in your life as well as pointing you in the right direction. You're not supposed to share with anyone what the cards have said so I'm not going to but they've left me asking questions in addition to going along with certain things. So yeah, everyone should definitely get their cards read if you ever get the opportunity! 


002 This week is gonna be a good'n to! Well.. Two days are, hehe. I have Thursday and Friday off. Thursday for wedding prep and Friday is my Cousins wedding! Thursday is hair doing day (one of my *fave* days) I just think getting your hair done can never get boring.. Maybe I'm just weird? Or like being a girl and being pampered. Probably the section option. ANYWAY I have my whole outfit sorted aside shoes.. So tomorrow  before work I'm going to get up and be in town for 9 to look for some shoes otherwise the outfit may look a bit odd bare foot.

                                                       Dress New look
                                                                 Jewelery River Island

003 I'll post some photo's of the day no doubt. I haven't put the dress on in the pics because I don't want to until the day, so I'll pop some up the day after. I have no idea how I'm going to wear my hair at all! I bought a floppy hat but I just don't know if I want to wear a hat the entire day, so I'll decide on the day.
I shall probably end up with it just down and curly/wavy.. Or maybe a bun? I have almost perfected my buns. Wow that sounds really perverted doesn't it? I honestly mean this kind of bun, don't panic!


004 At the mo, I seem to be so obsessed with denim and bright colours. All the new clothes I've bought have been either one of the two, maybe even the two combined. I'm loving the collar trend tops too which I've also been bagging quite a few of. I think the collared tops are perfect, especially for me because I hate low cut tops.. Don't ask me why, I just can't stand them for some bizarre reason. Even though I'm loving the bright colours ready for summer and the sunshine vibes, I don't think wearing bright green/blue, yellow and red together like this 
...really does it for me. In the high street recently, mostly all the manikins have been dressed in hideously put together 'block colours'. This might just be my opinion on this new trend but I really can't see everyone walking around styled like the rainbow. Who knows, maybe they will but I really am not loving it one bit, aside the bright pieces on their own with something more plain and blunt e.g black or grey.


My fave collar/block colour/denim tops (and the lovely pink hotpants) that I've bought recently or brought from the back of my wardrobe to the front again. I should probably find some other style of top to wear because this is all I'm wearing recently. Looking at how many new clothes I'm buying, I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything in one suitcase for Palma in July, I'm going to have to be so strict. Uh oh..


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  2. oh my, your hair! :o just freaking amazing! lucky you :D ♥

  3. My brother just got his cards read and they were spot on. I've definitely had the itch to want to go you've got me thinking. Cute blog...following now, would love if you could follow back :)