Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I've got a city love

Having such a lush week so far! I've been so busy this month so far but it's really good, it's showed to cause I've actually lost weight for my holiday! Arrrrh I'm so excited! I didn't honestly think that i'd be able to in such little time but it's amazing what dedication and hard work can do for you.
2 weeks and a bit till I jet off and I have no idea what to take.. I've got a spray tan and a facial in 2 weeks to which I am very much excited for.
I hope everyone's having a fab start to the summer to! Get your tan's on people!


  1. You look gorgeous- that outfit is so simple yet so stylish :) xxx

  2. How have you only got 11, well 12 now followers! You're bloody stunning! I want your hair and your style. Great blog :) xx

  3. i love your hair. Cute outfit.

  4. This is hawwwt. I desps need to get my tan on, yours is lush.

    Helen, X

  5. Love the top - such a nice colour. Congrats on the weight loss! x