Friday, 17 June 2011

I wouldn't mind walkin' backwards with you

Well well well! I have been seriously deprived from internet for how long now? It's so silly, I am never ever going to recommend talk-talk to anyone! But anyway, I won't go on a massive rant about how unhelpful they are. Instead, I'll just say that the only reason I'm blogging right now is because I'm at my brothers house just borrowing some of his tinternet!
I've been getting loads of bits for holiday now, only a month away. I'm so so excited to get away from England and be soaking up the sun with my girlies! Also this week, I got offered a place in A-levels. Woohoo! I'm actually quite excited to get started in September, hopefully I won't fail miserably or give up. I'm sure I won't. I've been jogging/running quite a bit recently as well so today I've been and purchased some awfully lavly running nike's. Their so lush, I've tested them for a brief jog and they are so comfy.  So I'm pretty chuffed with those.


This week my mum's had a huge clear out in her wardrobe (a whole room that's dedicated to her clothes) I didn't realize how much she had! But on a plus, I got given loads of fab stuff, some designer items which I'm chuffed about as I obviously couldn't afford to buy them new. It's absolutely crazy  how much the clothes come back into the latest fash though.. In the pics, Is all my mums stuff she's passed down bar the shorts. Their mine!

                                                   Hat - Primark
                                                                    Top - Dorothy Perkins
                                                                    Jumper - Fendi
                                                                    Shorts - Primark
                                                   top - Dorothy Perkins
                                                                    shorts - Primark

                                                   Top - Monsoon
                                                                    Shorts - Primark

So, I'm just counting down the days until holiday and also T4, which is 2 days before I jet off. July is going to be a good'n! Hopefully will get my internet back on soon though, I shouldn't be gone long!


  1. Score! Isn't it just wonderful when your mum goes through a wardrobe-cleanse?! Looks like you got some fabbbbulous stuff!

    chloe **